SMS is dedicated to the enjoyment and development of youth hockey players from Sudbury, Maynard, Stow, Bolton, Berlin and surrounding towns.

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SMS Jersey/Uniforms and Spirit Items


We have partnered with Brine’s Sporting Goods in Sudbury to provide a more convenient process for ordering your SMS Game Jerseys and SMS Player jacket (optional).


The Brine's Team Sports website is now open for the season.


Here is how to order your SMS Jersey:


1) Go to the SMS store hosted by Brine’s at the link Click on Team Apparel Store and then click in the SMS logo to shop for team apparel.

2) Please visit Brine’s to get proper sizing, and enter your order through the team store on your home computer.

3) Pick up your individual order at Brine’s in Sudbury in approximately 2-3 weeks.

All jerseys need to be ordered no later than August 1, 2017  (11:59pm) to ensure that the jerseys are ready in time for September games.   Your cooperation is extremely important, and late orders may be subject to an additional charge to expedite.   
Every player must have a game jersey before the start of the season.  
You will be notified by Brine's when your jersey is ready for pickup.   
As with prior seasons, Squirt, Peewee and Bantam players need both WHITE(away) and BLUE(home) game jerseys.   Mite players only need a Home blue jersey.    Home jerseys (with name and number) cost $40.   Away jerseys (with just number) cost $37.  
If your player has a jersey(s) from last season, they do not have to buy another one this season.  A new order would only be necessary if, for example, the jersey is lost or no longer fits.    If your player is moving from Mites to Squirts, then you will need to buy an Away (White) jersey.
Uniform numbers are assigned by the program. Players cannot request a number.
The player retains his/her assigned number from season to season while playing for SMSYH.   For new players, jersey numbers are assigned by player birth year.   Even years get even numbers and odd years get odd numbers, so there are no conflicts across a 2 year band.   As an exception, a younger sibling can receive their older sibling's number if not already being used in the age group (please let me know if this is your case).
If you have any specific questions, please reply to this email to contact Rob Chwalek, , Jersey/Uniforms and Merchandise Coordinator.