SMS is dedicated to the enjoyment and development of youth hockey players from Sudbury, Maynard, Stow, Bolton, Berlin and surrounding towns.

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1. SMS Stick Time - where scheduled is open ice for SMS players. All registered SMS players are welcome to come and skate. At least one SMS Coach must be on the ice with the players at all times. All SMS Adults that come to stick time are responsible for keeping an eye on the players. All SMS players must have full hockey gear. Any adult that steps on the ice must have a hockey helmet and gloves. If there are any problems at these scheduled hours, please contact SMS Ice Scheduler. Also, if there is any coach that wants to use the stick time ice for a team practice - just let us know.

2. Coaches - A pick-up hockey hour for SMS Coaches. Parents of SMS players are also welcome to join in. Full Gear. Cost is $10 per player.

3. Goalies - If a practice assignment is designated as "Goalies" these are goalie clinics being coordinated by SMS. If you have any questions, please contact your coach.

4. Clinics... See the information at the link of the SMS home page.

5. If a coach has a full sheet practice - please work on Drills that can only be done on a full sheet (I know that sounds obvious). Take advantage of the full ice surface, you won't get many of these during the season.

6. If your team can't make an hour - please try and swap with another team. If that does not work, please make sure the other coach you are sharing the hour with knows your team will not show (as much advance notice as possible) - so that the coach can prepare a FULL ICE practice for his team ahead of time. If you are assigned a full sheet and can not use it, please call the SMS Ice Scheduler.

7. It you have a game conflict with a practice assignment - then this is an error made by the scheduler. Please let the SMS Ice Scheduler know so he can correct the problem for you.

8. Little Devils Learn to Play: The Little Devils coordinator will communicate specific team assignments directly to the parents.

9. If you see anything wrong with your schedule that is just not working out for your team, please talk to the Ice Scheduler and we can see what we can do.

League Game Schedule and Standings for Westboro Teams: